We and sell all types

We and sell all types of coins including gold coins, silver coins, mint sets, confederate coins and bills and estate coins. In addition, we also modern and antique jewelry.
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We diamonds

Hyde Park Rare Coin s diamonds. Unlike other for gold operations that just gold, we the diamonds along with the precious metals
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Professional coin collector

Whether you’re a professional coin collector or a hobbyist, we guarantee fair gold coin prices for everything we and everything we sell.
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We serve Cincinnati, OH and Northern Kentucky. We also do free appraisals.

For more information, contact us at (888) 344-4860.

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Welcome to Hyde Park Rare Coin

We’ve been in business since 2001 in Cincinnati, OH and serve Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. We are a diamond and gold retailer on Edwards Avenue right next to Hyde Park Avenue.

We specialize in ing gold coins, jewelry, diamonds, precious metals and gold including gold bullion. We are exceptionally interested in purchasing broken and antique jewelry.

It doesn’t matter is the clasp is missing or the chain is broken. We’ll still your broken gold and precious metal jewelry, and we’ll give you a fair price. We stay up to date on gold and gold coin prices. Not to mention, we will match our competitors’ prices. If you spot a competitor with a better price than ours, we’ll match it. That’s our superior price guarantee.

Full Service Diamond and Gold Retailer

At Hyde Park Rare Coin, we do more than just gold. We are a full service diamond and gold retailer. We have gold coins for sale, and we gold coins.

We also platinum, gold, silver and diamond jewelry. Unlike other gold ing operations, we also the precious gems. It is in this way that we can offer better prices than our competitors because we’re not throwing away the diamonds.

We also do free appraisals. Whether you’re looking to sell, looking to , or just looking to find out your gold coins value, we can help. If you decide to sell or , we guarantee the best gold coin prices in the industry.